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Frasers Property Australia has secured funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to demonstrate the feasibility of achieving zero energy demand homes at scale in Sydney.

The property group will leverage the AUS$708,910 in funding to build some 51 medium density energy efficient homes at its Ed.Square mixed-use community in south west Sydney.

The homes, aptly named Balanced Energy Homes or BE.Homes, will focus on cost-effective solutions to significantly reduce energy bills for potential buyers.

In total, the project requires $1.42 million to integrate a suite of renewable energy, electrification and energy efficiency measures.

Fou kilowatts of solar PV will be deployed per dwelling, ground source heat pump space conditioning, induction cooktops, electric boosted solar hot water, low-e glazed windows, LED lighting and roof insulation.

The property group will use learnings from the pilot to accelerate its concept throughout the rest of its property developments.

Real Utilities, an energy retailer owned by Fraser Properties, will own and operate all solar PV systems whilst ensuring lower tariffs for customers.

Last year, ARENA also supported Mirvac to build 49 net zero energy neutral homes in Altona, Victoria.

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ARENA CEO Darren Miller said together these projects will encourage Australia’s housing sector to embrace more energy efficient and carbon neutral homes as a selling point for buyers.

“Through this project, we hope to highlight the benefit that energy efficiency and renewable energy can provide to next generation, net zero energy demand homes that will reduce emissions and energy costs.

The 51 Balanced Energy homes at Ed.Square are scheduled to be completed in 2022 with energy performance monitored for two years.

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