Real Estate Note Investing Course

Real estate note investing has become very popular in the last few years. Many real estate investors have discovered they prefer to own real estate notes than they actual real estate. There are many real estate investing courses but very few real estate note investing courses.


What should you look for in a real estate note investing course?

A good real estate note investing course should cover all of the basics of real estate note investing. A good note investing course should cover the following basics.

  1. How to find real estate promissory notes
  2. How to make offers on real estate notes or mortgage notes
  3. How to find investor for real estate note you find
  4. Using your IRA to but real estate notes
  5. Using other people IRA’s to buy real estate notes
  6. How to structure your real estate note deals
  7. How to use land trust to buy and sell real estate note

real estate note investing course

How to find real estate notes

There are 2 main ways to find real estate notes: offline methods and online methods.

Offline Methods for finding real estate notes

Direct mail is maybe one of the most effective way to find real estate note you can buy or broker. There are several companies that sell lists of people who hold real estate notes, you can purchase these lists and send them a sequence of letters and postcards. There many note investor and brokers that make a full time living using only direct mail to find real estate notes.

Online Methods for find real estate notes

The 2 most effective methods for finding real estate notes online is 1) Pay per click advertising and 2) Search Engine Optimization

Real Estate Note Investing Course: PPC advertising Techniques

Using Google Ads or Bings Ads is perhaps the quickest way to start generating real estate note leads. With the PPC method you bid on keywords that notes holder might type into Google or Bing  in order to find note buyers or note investing interesting in buy their promissory note. If you plan on using Google Ads or Bing Ads to find notes here a few things you will need.

  1. A fast loading website, that looks good on both a mobile phone, tablet and a desktop.
  2. A form on your website so that a note seller can give you the information about the note they are selling
  3. Google Analytics on your site, so you can track the where the leads come from.
  4. An about and contact us page
  5. A privacy policy, this is very important for legal compliance and for Google and Bings Ads

Real Estate Note Investing Course: Search Engine Optimization Techniques

This is my favorite technique for finds real estate notes online but maybe not the easiest or the cheapest. Many people think search engine optimization is easy and free, I can tell you it is neither. There are two main things you need to be successful with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for real estate notes. Firstly you will need good content that google understands and you will need links to that content