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Published by FOX News | January 7, 2021

The landlord claims that the backyard isn’t part of the lease

This situation probably wasn’t covered in the lease.

A family in Australia is asking for help dealing with an unusual problem with their landlord, who has decided to move into the backyard of the home. She is apparently now living in a tent behind the house that she indeed owns, confounding the renters.

A couple named Nicky and William had been living in the home in New South Wales for two months when they first received an unexpected message from their landlord Pascale Hubert, The Sun reports. As they explained to the outlet, the landlord was contacting them to let them know she was moving onto the property.

“Dear Nicky and William,” the message read, “I am the owner. As of tonight, I will be occupying the rear yard.” Hubert then set up a tent in the backyard, and has been living there with her partner ever since.

Hubert reportedly told reporters that she has the right to live in the backyard. The rental contract the family signed does not include the backyard, she claims, reasoning that she has the right to use it as she sees fit.

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