Louisville Water adopts new work management platform | The Paper Source University

US utility Louisville Water has completed a project to manage linear and plant-based assets and connect its workforce, customers and community.

The utility has partnered with AI cloud-based field service and asset management solutions firm KloudGin under the programme.

The utility will leverage the work management platform for increased worker and operational efficiency, automated processes, visibility into asset management and superior customer service.

The solution has replaced systems that were 30 years old, mostly paper driven, and required multiple manual operations.

Additionally, there was no mobile capacity for employees to communicate and record their work while in the field.

Louisville Water is now able to:

  • Manage all work on the same platform with a single mobile interface for all field resources;
  • Eliminate paper trails and optimise labor and inventory;
  • Schedule employees and work orders more effectively, with progress tracking for future benchmarking;
  • Automate timekeeping and approval processes;
  • Prioritise work orders by both system criticality and work order criticality;
  • Allow field crews to update work activity with exact location of repairs via Esria GIS integration, and;
  • Implement a Single Sign-On (SSO) that allows crews to use existing network usernames and passwords – making their jobs easier.

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Dave Vogel, executive vice president, Louisville Water Company, said: “Digital transformation is helping us maximizse our scheduling, asset reliability and uptime, reduce capital and operational expenditures, extend asset life, reduce unplanned downtime and provide superior customer service – all without increasing operational, safety or environmental risks.

We have a billion dollars’ worth of assets to manage and KloudGin has allowed us to make informed decisions, so we are able to evaluate and extend the useful life of our assets.”

James Bates, director of infrastructure planning and records, Louisville Water Company, adds: “It’s not just about capturing work efficiencies but examining how we spend resources and replace assets that are at the end of their life cycle. KloudGin & WAM are providing us with crucial data, which has led us to greater operational efficiency and effectiveness.”

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