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Calibrant Energy, a new Energy-as-a-Service solutions company, has been formed by Siemens Financial Services, Siemens Industry and Macquarie’s Green Investment Group (GIG).

The new company will offer onsite Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) solutions at no up-front cost for its customers, which include corporate and industrial clients, as well as municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals.

The EaaS solutions firm will leverage technical, operating, and risk management expertise gained by its owners to enable customers to access the benefits of on-site energy systems with a new level of simplicity.

Calibrant will build onsite energy solutions for customers to achieve cost savings, cost certainty, resilience and low-cost energy grid augmentation.

The aim is to simplify the transition toward energy decarbonisation for US corporations and institutions by planning, designing, building, owning, and operating clients’ energy production and storage assets.

Technologies to be offered by the new company include solar, integrated solar-battery solutions, hybrid systems, standalone batteries, microgrids, combined heat and power, and centralised heating and cooling infrastructure upgrades.

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Chris Archer, GIG’s head of Americas, said: “Many companies and institutions are embarking on a green transition in their energy strategies to take advantage of lower cost, lower emissions and increased resilience. Due to our shared vision and complementary expertise, GIG viewed Siemens as the ideal partner in forming Calibrant Energy to work closely with clients to deliver simple, customized, fully managed energy solutions.

“With industry-leading technology, deep sector expertise and flexible financing capabilities, Calibrant is well-positioned to be a transformative leader in distributed energy and accelerate the transition toward a greener economy.”

John Kovach, the head of energy & performance services Americas, Siemens Industry, adds: “Calibrant Energy is laying the foundation to respond to the changing financial market conditions and demand for sustainable infrastructure and clean energy projects.

“With this launch, we continue to deliver on our commitment to society by driving sustainability and customer choice in grid edge technologies.”

Greg Callman, the global head of energy technology at Macquarie Capital, reiterates: “This venture is about making it simple for the customer, while also leveraging a growing set of technologies and applications around distributed energy.

“Crafting a simple and compelling customer solution requires a combination of discipline and innovation, and Calibrant is purpose-built.”

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