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AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The world of podcasting has a colorful variety of shows and hosts focused on different subjects, interests, niches, and passion projects.  The idea of a podcast dedicated to the real estate investing niche of distressed note investing probably isn’t in your top 10 podcasts to listen to, but it probably should be.

Meet Scott Carson.  Ten years ago, Scott left his job as a mortgage broker and started buying distressed mortgages direct from some of the banks and mortgage companies that he was originating for.  “I’m not going to say that it was the easiest thing to do back then.  It was the wild west with banks going out of business and most of the note buyers stopped buying.  The few of us note investors who were buying debt really have scratched out a profitable place for ourselves in the secondary market of mortgage trading.  While it’s not as crazy as in ‘The Big Short,’ we’ve found a way to buy the distressed debt at substantial discounts from banks and work out win-win scenarios with the borrowers.”  Carson mentioned that they still end up foreclosing around half the time.  “Not everyone wants to work with us.  Some people just don’t realize that we are here to help.  It’s a whole lot easier to work with us instead of our attorneys if they chose to be difficult.  We’ve bought a couple thousand notes over the past 10 years and each deal has its own story.”

While many investors understand the fix and flip or rental models, buying distressed debt isn’t as well known among real estate investors.  “Many investors like the tangible side of real estate and that they can touch their properties.  If I have to pick out paint and carpet on a deal, I’m doing something wrong.  Our whole model is to ‘rehab the borrower’ and work to get them back on the right track.  We’ll either hold the note for cash flow or look to sell it off as a performing note to investors looking for a decent ROI.”

When asked about how he is spreading the word Carson answered: “I’ve been teaching other investors the nuts and bolts of note investing since 2010 through workshops and social media.  I started podcasting when I realized that there was no one out there who was talking and sharing the ins and outs of note investing and the platform has become one of our most popular platforms to attract new clients and investors.”  The Note Closers Show Podcast kicked off in August of 2017 and celebrated its one-year anniversary.  “We hit our goal of 150,000 downloads in, but by using Facebook, YouTube and other social media, we more than doubled our audience base across the United States and 62 other countries.  Who would have thought that people from all across the globe are interested in what’s going on in our housing market?” 

Carson’s podcast has a 50/50 format of interviews from investors and industry professionals along with teaching specific lessons.  “You can’t teach note investing in 30-60 minutes, but you can definitely share a lot when you’ve done a couple hundred episodes,” he stated.  “Our goal is to help make America great again, one distressed borrower at a time.  It’s just a matter of time before the market turns again.  We’ll keep recording episodes and sharing the good, bad, and ugly part of the business as long as people keep listening.”

When asked where he sees his podcast and business going in the near future, Carson stated that he hopes to have over a million downloads by year three. “We’ve got a growing base of listeners who get pretty upset when we don’t record on a regular basis.  I never thought that a podcast would help us grow our note business like it has in the past year.  It’s interested to see where it will take us in the future as podcasting and video grows.”

You can catch episodes of the Note Closers Show Podcast on all the major podcasting platforms or check out each episode’s blogpost at along with watching live episodes on Scott Carson’s Facebook page.

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