States That Have Lifted COVID-19 Restrictions as of Mid-March – Real Estate Investing Today

As of March 16th, 2021, thirteen states have lifted almost all of their coronavirus restrictions. Today’s infographic from Statista says that in places like Texas, Florida, and Georgia there are no mask mandates, stay-at-home orders or interstate travel quarantines in place.  In case you were curious, California continues to have the most coronavirus restrictions.  Interestingly, Statista points out that “all opened-up states have Republican governors.”  Draw your own conclusions……   As always, stay safe and have a Happy Friday!!!

“According to Johns Hopkins University, almost all of the opened-up states were experiencing fewer or stagnating new cases, with the exception of Montana…Overall cases in the U.S. have been in steep decline, in part credited to a successful vaccination campaign.”

U.S. states that have lifted COVID-19 restrictions

Hat tip to Statista.

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