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Life is a continuing learning experience and no one is perfect….and from time to time the best of us need to be reminded to say “please” or “thank you, “sir” or “ma’am” as well as many other little things that might seem trivial, but can set the stage for a positive interaction.  Today’s infographic from Business Insider reminds us that there are 8 phone etiquette rules that every professional should know.  Some of them are patently obvious but a couple might surprise you.  Stay safe and have a Happy Friday!!!

“We’ve all experienced that thoughtless person who yells down the phone in a public place or the “friend” who thinks it’s okay to check incoming messages in the middle of a conversation. How is it that usually polite people fail to understand that this is rude? Are we addicted to our phones?”

8 phone etiquette rules

woman with mobile phoneHat tip to the dailyinfographic.com.



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