How High are the Cell Phone Taxes in Your State? – Real Estate Investing Today

We have posted a lot about taxes and how they affect your bottom-line.  Recently, the folks over at the Tax Foundation ran the numbers to come to come up with the taxes, fees, and government surcharges wireless phone users are facing across America.  Guess what?  They went up in 2020 (again) up and now consume 22.6% of the average customer’s bill.  In fact, the Tax Foundation says the average U.S. household with four wireless phones paying $100 per month for wireless phone service can expect to pay about $270 per year in wireless taxes, fees, and surcharges—up from $260 in 2019.  And with more and more households dropping their landlines, it adds up to an estimated $17.5 billion in taxes, fees, and surcharges to federal, state, and local governments in 2020.  Indeed…

“Wireless service is increasingly the sole means of communications and connectivity for many Americans, particularly young people, and those with lower incomes….These excessive taxes and fees—especially those that impose high per-line taxes and fees—impose a disproportionate tax burden on those least able to afford them.”

Click here to read the full report at the Tax Foundation.


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