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US utility National Grid has selected Itron to automate data aggregation, calculation and Independent System Operator (ISO) reporting.

National Grid will deploy Itron’s Wholesale Settlement Solution.

The solution will help the utility to address the challenge of reporting to both the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) and the Independent System Operator New England (ISO New England).

The solution will be integrated with National Grid’s Itron Enterprise Edition (IEE) meter data management system to enable the utility to settle all energy transactions across its 5,000 wholesale settlement points.

The IEE Meter Data Management System is a software-as-a-service solution that centralises the collection, processing, storage and complex analysis of smart device data, device events and alarms.

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Minimising manual intervention, the Wholesale Settlement Solution will equip National Grid to deliver data to NYISO and ISO New England with a scalable, interval-based settlement model. Additionally, the solution is equipped with a user interface that allows the utility to customise parameters and monitor key activities.

Don Reeves, senior vice president of Outcomes at Itron, said: “This solution demonstrates Itron’s commitment to developing innovative new solutions that easily integrate with existing infrastructure to meet new use cases.

“The wholesale settlement solution will equip National Grid to meet regulatory obligations with each ISO, while avoiding manual intervention.”

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