John Burns’ Apartment Rent Forecasts for 2021 – Real Estate Investing Today

John Burns Real Estate Consulting recently released their 2021 Apartment Rent Forecasts which they say will to help you “weather” the shifts in the apartment market.  They analyzed 127 metros across the country by taking a look at four key categories:

  • Boomburgs (suburban growth)
  • Braintowns (college towns)
  • Downtowns (urban)
  • Dependables (sizeable unemployment)

“We see a positive long-term future for apartments, just on varying timelines, depending on their unique locations and attributes. But in a year where the for-sale market dominated the headlines, let’s not forget that one-third of the population resides in rental housing, and the long-term future for that is bright.”

Apartment Rent Forecasts 2021

Click here to read the full report at John Burns Real Estate Consulting.


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