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ROBINHOOD is a financial services company based in California that features a popular stock-trading app.

CEO Vlad Tenev has insisted there was nothing “shady” about the firm’s decision in January to halt trading in Gamestop shares.

The financial services app RobinhoodCredit: AFP or licensors


What time can I trade on Robinhood?

Please note: investing your money is a gamble, trading is risky and you have to be willing to lose any cash you invest.

Robinhood starts its trading at 9 am ET and continues until 4 pm during normal business operations.

What are Robinhood’s pre-market trading hours?

The company is offering extended market hours available to everyone on Robinhood.

“Standard US market hours are from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm Eastern,” the company writes.

“With extended market hours, you’ll be able to invest from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Eastern. 

“This means you can start investing 30 minutes before the regular market opens, and continue investing two hours after it closes.”

Robinhood co-founders Vlad Tenev (left) and Baiju Bhatt


Robinhood co-founders Vlad Tenev (left) and Baiju BhattCredit: AP:Associated Press

The company added: “Bringing extended market hours to everyone drastically improves the core Robinhood experience. We’re always working to make Robinhood even better, so stay tuned for more updates soon!”

Robinhood has been accused of market manipulation in wake of the Gamestop scandal.

The company restricted trading on thirteen equities, including GameStop and AMC Entertainment.

Tenev told Elon Musk: “We had no choice in this case. We had to conform to our regulatory capital requirements.”

What are Robinhood’s trading fees?

The company writes: “Investing with Robinhood is commission-free, now and forever.

“We don’t charge you fees to open your account, to maintain your account, or to transfer funds to your account.

“However, self-regulatory organizations (SROs) such as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) charge us a small fee for sell orders.

“They charge these fees for all sell orders, regardless of the brokerage. Robinhood passes these fees to our customers and remits them to the applicable SROs.”

There is a trading activity fee of $0.000119 per share, except for sales of 50 shares or less.

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