What Markets are Attracting the Most Out-of-State Real Estate Investors? – Real Estate Investing Today

Out-of-state investing has been hot for sometime, long before the pandemic got its grip on our nation.  A recent article by HousingWire says high-cost and high-density urban is out and while suburban is back in vogue, rural is experiencing a bit of a revival.  They even acknowledge that many real estate investors were “serendipitously” ahead of this market shift, driven by an “affordability and an affinity for overlooked markets.”  Indeed…

“Currently I’m in some of the Southern markets like Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Indianapolis, Ohio. Those markets I’m able to put a little bit less money in but also make a comfortable amount of return,” said Bijan Green, a Denver-based real estate investor. “A deal for me is a property I can buy for under $100,000, typically.”

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