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Promissory notes are documents originating from the sale or buying of property. There are a large number of promissory notes sold annually, and it is legal. Some people specialize in buying these notes. However, it is important to know some a few things before you find someone who can buy your promissory note from you.
A promissory note indicates that a buyer has pledged to pay money on the amount owed on a loan. Properties attracting promissory notes include real estate holdings such as mobile housing, land, multi-family houses and commercial establishments among others.
While a large number of banks hold a significant number of promissory notes, they are not the only ones that can perform this function. Organizations and individuals also have the capacity to hold promissory notes.
Here is the process of how an individual acquires a promissory note; technically the owner or buyer is the financier. Instead of the purchaser/owner obtaining a loan for a conventional bank, the individual selling the house gets the payments or mortgage directly from the owner buying the house. The bank does not play any role at all. If for some reason such as the buyer needs cash upfront or gets overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork involved, the individual has the option to sell the promissory note. As a promissory note holder, there are options as to where this note can be sold or who can buy.
Buyers of promissory notes can be categorized into two groups: organizations and individuals. It is, however, prudent to use a reputable organization with the relevant experience, knowledge and funds in buying promissory notes.

Important Information
A track record is paramount. Get all the pertinent information beginning from the fundamental details on the note this should encompass, the interest rate, property address, the amount taken out on loan, and terms and conditions stipulated in the contract. The most recent credit record is of the borrower should be readily available; they are of primary importance to the potential buyer.

A promissory note does not normally get sold for its full face value..

There is also the possibility of defaulting of the note, the time, and energy exerted in acquiring or buying the note are reasons why most buyers buy promissory notes at a discounted rate. Prevailing situations also affect this process.

You, being the seller, get money immediately while all risks are transferred to the buyer. Therefore, promissory notes, for the above reasons are almost always bought at a lower value.
It is also safe and practical to engage with a reputable well-established company. Past experience and know-how in buying promissory notes make a good, trustworthy foundation. A large number of these organizations take on buying promissory notes ranging from a few thousand to a significant amount in millions of dollar. However, they have stable monetary backing from big financial investors. Note Investment Capital is a stable organization that meets the above criteria, with the necessary background, knowledge and financial ability to efficiently process the buying your promissory note.

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